OUR VISION: To be the first social and recreational choice of destination for the community in a safe and friendly environment.

OUR MISSION: To provide an affordable, friendly and safe environment, delivering quality service to our members and proudly supporting the community. Striving to do our best at all times.

Customer Caring – 100% Service Guaranteed

Genuinely understand our customers in a friendly and deserving way to ensure their recreational experience is so impressive that they and their friends and family become lifelong supporters of our club.

Teamwork – Team Bowlo

Team Bowlo is a family. It is people who encourage and are considerate of one another, who are driven and committed by a work ethic that unites effort and reward. We are effective communicators who are equally willing to share the load.

Systems Reliant – No Wasted Effort

Understanding the importance of processes and willing to be guided by the Clubs policies and procedures and respecting those policies and procedures even with the knowledge that no system is perfect and can only be enhanced by positive suggestions.

Business Savvy – Success Affects You and You Affect It

Being always mindful of the business objectives be it profitability, cash flows or targets of our Club and how each of your daily actions and decisions can be directed to ensure the success of meeting those objectives.