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Club Grants

Club Grants

Club Grants for 2024 – All applicants are directed to apply through the Central Coast Local Government Area by completing an on-line submission. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page where the 2024 application can be viewed . Club GRANTS funding applications will open on 1st February 2024. Applications will close on 31st May at 5.00pm. 

Most people know that registered clubs are required to return a percentage of their earnings back to the community in the form of compulsory contributions, but your club goes far beyond the legislated requirements in our support of local organisations.

Your Board is unanimous in their view that these contributions foster a spirit of mutual support in our community. As we support the community, so too does our community support the club.

With your patronage, Ettalong Bowling Club will continue to prosper and experience the kind of business success that makes these contributions possible. Thank you members!”

For more information on ClubGrants including the different categories or to apply for Category 1 Funding, please click the button below. Ettalong Bowling Club sits within the Central Coast LGA Grants Committee

Club Grants Applicants

The round opens on Thursday 1st February 2024.

With the current changes in legislation for the club grants program in 2024 Central Coast clubs will be contributing 75% of Cat 1 funding to the Local Government Area Club GRANTS round. This will mean that clubs may not open individual rounds as we continue to work together as a collective group of clubs.

Please take this into consideration when applying for your funding. Community groups are advised to apply to the LGA round for full funding requirements rather than multiple applications and applications to each individual club.

The Grant round is now open, and we encourage, community groups who make a significant contribution to our local community to apply for funding.

Club Grants Recipients